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About Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy is a unique, though clearly defined, relationship between the client and the therapist in which it is possible to talk about and explore thoughts and feelings in a secure and safe environment.

Through this developing relationship, the client is enabled to come to a better understanding of who they are and the difficulties they may face.

With this groundwork the client can be empowered to make the changes that may be necessary for a more fulfilled life.

Psychotherapy is always entirely confidential. The frequency of attendance is decided between us at the first session and is usually once weekly, though twice weekly is not uncommon.

There is also the possibility of shorter term work with a narrower focus.

What Conditions Can it Help?

▪Feelings of depression, loneliness, emptiness

▪Stress and anxiety

▪Panic attacks

▪Lack of confidence or self esteem

▪Loss of a sense of direction or belonging

▪Sexual Identity

▪Bereavement , grief, loss and serious illness ( e.g. cancer, HIV )

▪Difficulties in starting, sustaining or finishing relationships.

▪Relationship / family problems, divorce

▪Career and Work – related problems, bullying, redundancy


▪Physical, sexual, emotional abuse

▪Addiction , eating disorders and self harm

▪Identity problems

▪Post-natal depression, parenting issues

Deciding to go to a Counsellor or Psychotherapist is a difficult step not least as it requires a form of trust, but people from all walks of life seek counselling for many different reasons.
Sometimes there is a specific reason; sometimes you may not be clear about what is making you unhappy.

What Benefits can be Expected?

At the very least a better understanding and insight into what happens in your life that may be the result of old patterns of behaviour, how this affects you and how you can change.

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